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Application areas of blow molding machines

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First of all, let's talk briefly about the blow molding machine. The blow molding machine can heat and soften the raw materials, extrude the tubular blank through the extrusion head, inject into the mold, lock the mold, pass compressed air, and blow the mold. Close to the inner wall of the mold, and finally cool and demold, all kinds of hollow products come out! This is the general process of the blow molding machine.

After talking about the blow molding machine, let's step into the topic and see what are the products of the blow molding machine?

Blow molding machine is divided into large and small, as well as injection and extrusion molding, different processing methods can produce different products, so we will explain separately below.

Small blow molding machine products

What products can blow molding machines produce? For example, various bottles, jars, buckets, pots, hollow seats, mineral water bottles, and shaped hollow products, in fact, what products are produced, mainly depends on the mold, to determine the appearance or specifications of the products produced.

According to different raw materials, the blow molding produced is also different, for example, some hollow toys or bottles are mostly made of PE and PP. Some transparent containers such as mineral water or beverage bottles are made of PET, and each manufacturer will select the appropriate raw materials according to the products produced.

Large blow molding machine products

Large industrial container, specially used for storage of liquid materials. For example: water bucket, IBC, rainwater tank, double ring bucket, tray, lid, air tank, etc., can be customized according to customer needs.

There are also some pontoons made of polyethylene, which has good impact resistance, not only preventing UV rays but also preventing corrosion and freezing.

A brief summary is that what kind of products can be produced by the blow molding machine depends on the type of blow molding machine, such as automatic, semi-automatic, hollow blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine, etc., according to different products, choose the appropriate machine.

The manufacturer will customize the blow molding machine according to customer needs, and produce high-quality products on the premise of ensuring the efficiency of the blow molding machine. Therefore, our blow molding machines have been exported to many countries overseas. In the international market, the company's blow molding machines occupy a large share and are deeply trusted by customers.

Friends who are concerned about China's high-quality hollow blow molding machine manufacturers can contact me and I will teach you how to choose equipment.

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