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Types and design requirements of hollow plastic products

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There are many types of hollow plastic products, mainly packaging containers, industrial parts and hollow products, which refer to the overall products with relatively thin wall thickness and a relatively large opening space. If the product has an opening, red plastic packaging bottles, large Volumetric storage barrels and storage tanks, fuel tanks, Lixiu curved pipe fittings, tools, furniture, etc. Toys, amusement facilities, etc., due to different product types have different uses and functions, so the product structure requirements are also different, such as various bottles, barrels, cans and other packaging containers, generally should have good airtightness. Hygiene and safety, mechanical properties, easy to use and beautiful appearance, etc.; for various industrial parts, automotive electrical accessories. Office Supplies. Buildings, furniture, etc., generally require good mechanical properties, shape and structure. No matter what type of blow molding products are designed, they should meet the following points:

1. In ensuring the use performance (such as dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength, shape, chemical properties, electrical properties, etc.), the strength is simple, uniform in thickness, and convenient to use. The strength is reasonable in structure, easy-to-hand mold manufacturing and product molding.

2. Fresh corners and children's products, automobile and art personnel research, and jointly design a variety of plastic materials with unparalleled product shape and color, high quality machine, and lower cost.


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