Ice pops tube, Ice lolly, Soft bottle, Juice plastic bottle, Eye dropper, Chuna tube, Lime tube.
The material is often LDPE, our semi auto or full automatic rotary blow molding machine can produce, the machine have 4molds, 6 molds, 8molds, 10 molds, 12molds for your choice. This ice pops blow molding machine have exported India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and  many other countries.
 Laundry detergent bottle
Lubricating oil jerry cans. Our 3L 5L 6molds Electric Servo Blow Molding Machine can produce, our 5 liter hydrulic blow molding machine also can produce.
Plastic chemical drum
Plastic chemical drum has the advantages of no seam, shock resistance, ageing resistance, light weight, no leakage, resistance to acid and alkali, long life and matching to the hygienic standard single-formed by PE, the usability is much more superior than the traditional glass fiber vessel, plastic welded cessel and steel lining rubber vessel.
Plastic ball pit balls ( sea ball, ocean ball, plastic balls) 
Plastic ball pit balls ( sea ball, ocean ball, plastic balls) are used in amusement park. The balls diameter are 50mm to 80mm for your choice,the ball material is often LDPE. Our single head, double heads, three heads blow molding machine can produce. 
The TPU insole is a very soft insole with a variety of colors and styles
The TPU insole is a very soft insole with a variety of colors and styles. It can be found on the front, heel and full feet. This insole is warmer in winter and can be deodorant, sweat-absorbing and shock-absorbing. TPU is an artificial synthetic material with the texture of real leather, very strong and durable, and low price. TPU synthetic leather is used to replace PVC artificial leather, and its price is higher than PVC artificial leather. In terms of chemical structure, it is closer to leather fabrics. It does not need plasticizers to achieve soft properties, so it will not become hard and brittle, and it has the advantages of rich colors and many patterns. The price is cheaper than leather fabrics. So it is welcomed by consumers. The super effective shock absorption can protect the human body from the strain caused by the exercise, reduce the stress of the exercise, and achieve the effect of alleviating fatigue. At the same time, this insole is also lightweight and does not add extra weight to the exercise. Generally, big brand sports shoes are PU insoles.
Laundry liquid bottle, lubricating oil tank
Laundry liquid bottle, lubricating oil tank. Our 3L 5L 6molds electric servo blow molding machine can be produced, and our 5 liter hydraulic blow molding machine can also be produced.
Plastic bottle, pesticide bottle
Plastic bottles, pesticide bottles. Our rotary bottle blowing machine can be produced, and the hydraulic bow machine can be produced automatically.
The drain water tube
The drain water of the wash basin is a kind of PE corrugated pipe with a section of threaded pipe in the middle. The socket can be bent and inserted, and the installation is very easy; it is best not to buy a threaded pipe, which is easy to hide dirty things; A ready-made plastic drain with a water return bend is currently on the market. Although it is cheap, the quality is very poor, and it is easy to leak and seep. If there are rats in the house, the sewer pipe will be bitten by the rat, which is very annoying. The best kind of drain pipe under the wash basin is the PE corrugated hose. This kind of drain is not only of good quality, but also the distance and height are particularly easy to adjust. It is very easy to install, especially the exposed and concealed installation is very beautiful, it is very convenient to use.
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