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sanqing blow molding machine Happy new year to everyone

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The raging new crown epidemic has deviated everything from its original track. The company quickly adjusted its development strategy, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and resuming work and production on the other. It moved forward and finally achieved pride. Human achievement.

Take responsibility, and be grateful to the country

The extraordinary year of 2020 has made us more responsible. While the company actively responded to the government’s call to suspend work and production, while actively carrying out epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work, many employees volunteered to serve as community epidemic prevention volunteers. Company leaders took the lead in donating nearly 40,000 yuan. Personally lead the team to deliver epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities for frontline epidemic prevention personnel. During the epidemic prevention period, the company’s administrative management team paid close attention to the health of Sanqing’s family every day, and actively organized the use of home rest time to carry out safety education, skills training and positive energy education, and actively participated in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. Under the leadership of the company’s donations, The employees of the company voluntarily organize donations and materials to support the frontline of epidemic prevention, and everyone uses their own practical actions to interpret the feelings of family and country.


How can I see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain

After the Spring Festival, construction did not start as smoothly as in previous years. The company responded to the government's call, adjusted its work mode in time, and opened home online office. The busy Sanqing people did not relax because of this. The engineers in the technology research and development department brainstormed, sometimes even in the middle of the night. During the discussion, the technicians in the after-sales department answered each customer’s questions online at any time, and the production department carried out operational skills and safety skills training through various online forms. There will always be rewards. After the resumption of work and production in March, the six models The high-speed rotary blow molding machine has been upgraded. The improved equipment has more stable performance, higher production capacity, and more obvious advantages in power saving, which has laid a solid foundation for achieving excellent sales performance in 2020.

After the resumption of work and production, the frantic price increase of raw materials, the short construction period required by customers, the unstable supply of suppliers, and the restricted access of many employees’ residences are a test of Sanqing Machinery. Pay tribute to the wind and rain. These difficulties have not defeated us, the company The subsidized equipment prices are beneficial to customers. Old customers who have been walking hand in hand also support them. Although the orders have been increasing, they have not urged the delivery. Many company employees have moved their luggage to the dormitory, working overtime every day, eating and living in the company, and just carrying it. After that period of market turmoil, although very exhausted, it is more that the company and employees feel the pleasure of constantly surpassing themselves.


The biggest asset of an enterprise is people

Konosuke Matsushita, the god of business in Japan, said that the biggest asset of a company is people, because people are people who do things and people who speak, and who bring us profits and losses are also people. Sanqing Machinery always adheres to the people-oriented development concept and values employees. Team building, although the production tasks are busy, training and talent team improvement are still important tasks for all departments. In order to introduce high-quality talents, an additional academic allowance and special talent allowance have been added, and staff quality training and business skills training will be organized every month. , Timely training and helping employees who are out of date and unable to keep up with the company’s development. Each position adheres to the work philosophy of endless learning and continuous improvement. In 2020, the team will further grow and introduce one technical expert and three senior technical personnel. There are 5 senior technicians, so that the Sanqing team has more momentum for vigorous development.


Technology is fruitful

In 2020, the company made persistent efforts and obtained 3 utility model patent certificates, 1 appearance patent certificate, and a number of patents in the review process. With the strong support of the Science and Technology Bureau, the company established a municipal science and technology research and development center, and successfully The industrial design project has been declared, and the industrial achievement transformation project has been actively supported by the Cangzhou City Industry and Information Bureau and other government departments, and has attracted the attention of the Cangzhou City Private Enterprise Association. It has become a base for visiting and learning.



Equipment upgrading, plant expansion

In 2020, the company invested 2 million yuan to upgrade the machining equipment, which effectively improved production efficiency, ensured accurate tolerances of workpieces, and ensured that the blow molding equipment produced was more stable and more reliable in quality; invested 3 million yuan in the original plant The expansion has ensured the further expansion of production capacity and further shortened the order delivery period; in addition, the company has also invested heavily in new purchases of land in the industrial park, laying a solid hardware foundation for the three-year breakthrough.



When the wind is in full swing, we are ready to sail through the waves; there is a long way to go, and we still need to take the lead. Looking forward to 2021, opportunities and challenges coexist. More arduous tasks are waiting for us, and a better prospect is calling us

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