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Advantages of six-mode high-speed rotary blow molding machine

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The six-mold high-speed rotary blow molding machine independently developed by our company can blow hollow products from 150 ml to ten liters. This machine is a transformative equipment in the blow molding machine industry, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, while greatly improving production efficiency. The advent of this equipment broke the precedent of traditional equipment, won the recognition of the blow molding industry at home and abroad, and has received many foreign orders. 1. High efficiency and high speed Taking the 340ml lactic acid bacteria bottle and wet wipe bucket as an example, the daily output is equivalent to about 3 times the output of the ordinary one-out four and one-out two-station hydraulic presses, which greatly improves production efficiency. 2. Energy saving This unit adopts a hybrid design of oil and electricity, which has obvious energy-saving effects. Under normal production conditions, the equipment can save about 200,000 degrees of electricity annually. 3. Reduce management costs The speed of a single unit of this machine is about 3 times that of ordinary units, directly saving 2-3 people, which not only reduces the cost of machine management, but also greatly reduces manual management. It is also a big expense in one year. 4. This machine has six molds and one auxiliary mold, so the mold cost is lower. 5. This machine is directly connected to the baler or production line, which is more convenient and cheaper than ordinary equipment. At present, most traditional models are hydraulic presses with two clamping systems, double-station translational work, high energy consumption and low efficiency. This machine has six clamping systems, working on a rotating platform, and is highly efficient in research and development for single and multi-die heads. The equipment adopts advanced Inovance or Mitsubishi PLC computer control and motion servo system. The equipment has 6 stations, die heads 1-4 die heads, which can realize automatic and unified trimming. Truly high efficiency and energy saving, it is an ideal substitute for traditional hydraulic press.

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