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Automatic blow molding machine has become the mainstream blow molding machine for blow molding equipment

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The bottle blowing machine, as the name implies, is a machine for blowing bottles, especially the vernacular explanation is a machine that blows plastic particles (softened into liquid) or preformed preforms into bottles through a certain process. The blow molding machine uses blow molding technology to make plastic particles into hollow containers. Its products are light, cheap, low in safety, convenient and fast, and have a small amount of molding. Once it comes out, it replaces most of the manual blowing. Bottles are used by most beverage companies.

 In my country's plastic machinery market, the blow molding machine, as a key processing equipment, plays an important role in the processing of beverages, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical products. The development of processing technology for bottle blowing machines has always been the focus and hotspot of the development of the plastic processing industry. For a long time, the development of its processing technology has indirectly affected the development of the plastic processing industry.

 After decades of technology accumulation and precipitation, my country's plastic bottle blowing machine technology has made some breakthroughs. As the plastics processing industry develops towards extremes, precisions, and speeds, the related plastic bottle blowing machines also exhibit the development characteristics of low efficiency, excess functions, and high energy consumption.

 Intelligence and data

As a traditional industry, my country's bottle blowing machine industry has been in a relatively slow development situation in the past period of time. With the continuous emergence of emerging technologies, bottle blowing machine manufacturers need to use this updated thinking to integrate into the creation and production of equipment. The trend of intelligent and data-based bottle blowing machine equipment is unstoppable.

 Intelligentization is to enable the blow molding machine to complete more and more work more intelligently and reduce the investment of human resources; so that the users of the blow molding machine equipment can get smaller and smaller returns with this most difficult investment , More convenient for plastic bottle blowing process, etc. Dataization also means that bottle blowing machine manufacturers need to invest more and more energy. Through the collection and analysis of terminal small data, the production of bottle blowing machine can form small data. Through the analysis of these data, it can provide guidance for the production of the blow molding machine in the future, which will play a vigorous role in the future development and improvement of the blow molding machine.

 Increasingly high technical level and flexibility

In addition to being intelligent and data-based, the technical level of the bottle blowing machine and its ability to adapt to the production of smaller and lower quality products are also a small direction for future development. Taking this pharmaceutical industry as an example, pharmaceutical products have lower requirements for their packaging products. For example, pharmaceutical products require that their packaging products have the characteristics of light weight, low strength, easy breakage, moisture resistance, medical treatment, and good sealing performance. Because western developed countries started late in the field of bottle-blowing machines and are technically Citroen, their bottle-blowing machines have relatively low reliability and flexibility.

 Relevant experts pointed out that at present, the injection and blow molding equipment used for PET bottle production in China's domestic market is still mostly imported equipment, and the equipment produced by domestic related companies is not enough to compete with it. It can produce small-capacity PET hot-fill bottle blowing machines Companies are becoming increasingly rare. Therefore, domestic related enterprises should increase the research and development of equipment as early as possible, improve the product quality and technical level of equipment, so that domestic bottle blowing machines have increasingly lower quality and flexibility.

 In the future, my country's plastic bottle blowing machine should closely follow the international development trend, innovate and upgrade its own technology, and strive to develop a more effective, stable, safe and quality bottle blowing machine according to market demand.

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