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Blow molding machine temperature

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When we understand the temperature of the blow molding machine, let's first look at a few definitions. Through these definitions, we will analyze the meaning of the no-flow temperature. These are all theoretical knowledge, and we can increase our theoretical foundation through these, which is also good for the later self-cultivation. Hope to help everyone.

First: glass transition temperature TG: refers to the transition temperature of amorphous polymers (including the non-crystalline part in crystalline polymers) from the glass state to the high elastic state or from the latter to the former. It is the lowest temperature at which the macromolecular segment of the amorphous polymer moves freely, and it is also the upper limit of the working temperature of the product.

Second: Melting temperature TM: For crystalline polymers, it refers to the temperature at which the three-dimensional remote ordered state of the macromolecular chain structure transforms into the disordered viscous fluid state, also known as the melting point. It is the lower limit of the crystalline polymer molding processing temperature.

Third: Decomposition temperature TD: When the temperature of a polymer in a viscous fluid state is further increased, the degradation of the molecular chain will be aggravated, and the temperature at which the molecular chain of the polymer is significantly degraded is the decomposition temperature.

Fourth: flow temperature TF: refers to the temperature at which the amorphous polymer changes from a highly elastic state to a viscous flow state. It is the lower limit of the processing temperature of amorphous plastics.

The above is the literal meaning of the 4 kinds of temperature, the next analysis is about the correlation of the flow temperature. If the material does not flow out of the die, it is difficult to increase the temperature of the material by 10 degrees after the pressure is relieved. After holding for 10 minutes, apply a constant pressure of the same magnitude. Continue until the melt flows out of the die, reducing the temperature 10 degrees is the no-flow temperature of the material. The highest temperature at which no flow occurs under a certain pressure. It is to add a certain amount of plastic into the barrel at the upper end of the capillary rheometer die, heat it to a certain temperature, and keep it constant for 10 minutes, then apply a constant pressure under 50 pressure.

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