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How much money can you make a day by investing in a blow molding machine

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If you invest in a blow molding machine, how much money the blow molding machine can make a day:


       1. It is related to the type of blow molding machine. There are fully automatic, hollow, semi-automatic, small, fully automatic and large. The speed is fast, the output is high, the labor is saved, the operation is simple, which is conducive to troubleshooting and maintenance, but the cost is also Relatively high,


       2. It is related to the operating proficiency of the workers. The blow molding machine is a device that is easy to understand and difficult to master. It may take only one day to learn the basic operation. If you want to learn the basic operation, it may take a year and practice by yourself. ,


        3. It is related to the purchaser's order price, the selling price is high, and the profit is naturally more. Of course, it also depends on the product, the process to be produced, and the diversification of mold design, so it depends on different product designs. Different molds.

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