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Six-mold 1-10L Hybrid Blow Molding Machine

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This equipment is suitable for blowing bottles, barrels and pots within 150mL-10L. It can produce one to three layers (multi-layer products such as cladding level line and high barrier), and the equipment adopts Mitsubishi PLC computer control system. The motion system adopts advanced Inovance or Mitsubishi servo system. 6 stations, die head 1-4 die head, can realize automatic and unified trimming. The daily output of this machine is about 84-10 million, which saves 600-1000 yuan per day compared to traditional hydraulic equipment with the same capacity. Truly high efficiency and energy saving, it is an ideal substitute for traditional hydraulic press

Compared with traditional hydraulic presses, this equipment has the following advantages:

1. Higher configuration and stronger stability.

1. PLC control system: Inovance or Mitsubishi control system.

2. Servo motor and drive: Inovance or Mitsubishi

3. Slide rail: Taiwan Bank of China

4. Photoelectric switch, temperature controller: OMRON

5. Inverter: Delta, Rexroth or Mitsubishi

6. Wall thickness control system: 100 points fast or MOOG

7. Reducer: Jiangsu Guomao hard tooth surface

8. Motor: Shandong Shunyi or Siemens

9. Cylinder and solenoid valve: Airtac or SMC

10. Screw barrel and screw: Zhoushan, Zhejiang

11. Heating ring: cast aluminum + fan + stainless steel housing

2. High production capacity:

The daily output of 10L stacking barrels is 8,400 barrels per day, and the daily output of milk bottles is 100,000 bottles per day.

3. Low energy consumption:

This machine uses a servo system, which saves 600-1000 yuan per day and about 200,000 yuan per year compared to traditional hydraulic machines with the same capacity.

Fourth, the mold cost is more economical:

Take 2L laundry detergent as an example:

1. Each payment of 9000 yuan for the automatic edging mold of the hydraulic press, 9000 * 6 payment for the three equipment molds = 54000 yuan

2. Six-mode mixed with electric mode: 4800*7 payment=33600 yuan

5. Labor saving:

Six-mode oil-electric mixing requires one man per shift.

The same capacity of traditional hydraulic press requires three labor

6. The machine can blow a wider range of bottle types:

150ML-10L, single head and multiple heads can be replaced at will

7. Lower connection cost, more convenient and convenient:

Example: Pack and transmit one line to complete

  Three hydraulic presses, long and high cost of packing conveyor belt

8. Blowing multilayer products, single die head, easier to adjust

9. The floor area is smaller than that of hydraulic presses with the same capacity.

10. The larger and thicker products of this equipment have more advantages: the product has a long cooling cycle and the product is more stable.

Friends who are concerned about China's high-quality hollow blow molding machine manufacturers can contact me and I will teach you how to choose equipment.

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