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The choice of ocean ball blow molding machine

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The ocean ball pool is a large toy for children, very suitable for lively occasions, such as parks, children's playgrounds, kindergartens and so on. The marine ball pool is durable in structure, colorful and very safe, bringing safety, liveliness,

Feel happy. Fitness and entertainment are integrated into a comprehensive children's play item.

            The ocean ball generally uses non-porous blow molding technology. The ocean ball has stomata, but the distribution of stomata is very small. In the production process, the plastic dissolves at high temperature, flows into the mold, closes, blows, and opens the mold to form a sphere.

     You can choose 3-5L co-hugging automatic blow molding machine not only to blow ocean balls, but also to use soy sauce pots, detergent, cosmetics, medicine bottles, etc., just change the mold. The station can be fully automatic and zero labor.

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