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What are the differences between blow molding machines and injection molding machines?

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The injection molding machine and the blow molding machine are two different process machines. The temperature adjusted by the machine is different during the production of the product. If the material is returned to another process, it will cause great damage to the mold and the machine! It is not recommended to use regrind for two products with different processes!

When an injection molding machine produces plastic parts, it needs a core and a cavity, that is, a convex mold and a concave mold together to make it alive; while the blow molding machine only needs a concave mold to produce the product. Blow molding machines are generally used to produce warning posts, plastic barrels, roadblocks, septic tanks, kayaks, double-ring barrels, pallets, solar tanks, mobile toilets, desktop boards, pontoons, medical headboards, IBC barrels; comparison of injection molding machines Common production of various electronic product shells, plastic pallets, plastic baskets, etc.

 Blow molding machine products

The principle of the blow molding machine is a machine that produces various plastic products by blowing plastic heating into a film or hollow by wind. Such as plastic films, bottles, etc.

The principle of injection molding machine is that molding is mostly used for thermoplastics. It is similar to extrusion molding, the difference is that the molten plastic enters the closed mold through the nozzle, and the product is solidified in the mold. A machine that produces various plastic products by filling the mold with plastic. Such as: case, orange, penholder, barrel, tube, etc.

Even if the equipment of the same material is used, the physical properties are different. One injection level, one blow molding level, injection molding machines use injection molding materials, blow molding machines use blow molding materials, and injection molding grades have no stretch properties. The molding level is good, so the injection molding level cannot be used in blow molding production, and the same blow molding level is not used in injection molding production.

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